Monday, 29 June 2015

More 28mm Modern bits, Empress and Spectre

28mm Modern seems to be growing which in my opinion is a good thing, I know some wargamers are a little shy about wargaming in a modern setting due to the all to real relevance and it being in the news. But this seems to be changing with companies such as Empress and Spectre doing great modern models and rules. I am looking forward to seeing the Two Fat Lardies offering of a modern system I've been reading about. 

Some modern US, including heavier weapons, they are also wearing a generic woodland camo pattern which probably isn't 100% accurate but I don't really mind or worry to much. These are all Empress models and were as usual really good to paint. 

Some UKSF or SAS, these are a mix of Empress and Spectre, the two go together really well and its worth looking at both companies as the complement each other really well.

The limited edition female operator from Spectre for this years Salute, again this model was really nice to paint and is different from the others. 

So that is it for the additions to the modern collection.

Again thanks for reading.

Happy Painting. 

Friday, 26 June 2015

Whats been going on over on The Mountain of Metal.

Well firstly hello again any one who reads this. I am back to a bit of blogging now and then in my usual casual style. So whats been going on, firstly it has been a difficult few months for me and mine. It culminated in me being dismissed from full time position (which it turns out wasn't at all bad for my general stress levels and health). This led me to fall back to some back up skills and I decided to pick up a paint brush and use it to bring some money in. But all that self promotion will go in another blog post later on in time.
So what have I been painting.
Firstly its an oldie but a goodie, I have painted up my Necromunda Orlock Gang which has only been painted, striped and painted again 4 times since I brought them new, but now I am finally happy with them. 

These were fantastic to paint and seeing new methods being used on older models can make a huge difference. 
Got donated some Gates on Antares, I don't know much about the game but the models have a great hard sci-fi feel to them. I will be painting up a couple of boxes and doing a review of them. 

So I managed to score a ticket to the Wargames Illustrated In Her Majesty's Name games day at there HQ, so I needed a company to take and I had the Bricklane Commune box and a Industrial walker languishing in the mountain, so the addition of a few more guys with shotguns from Footsore and 4 more Victorian thugs from Ironclad I had the full 20 I needed for my company,  

These models were great to paint and they almost painted themselves, I mixed up the common colours which give the company a ragtag feel but ties them all together very well.

The walker I decided to go for a weathered battered yellow rather than a steam engine green, again this model was great to paint, even though I have to admit it was daunting to start.

Some Mordheim warbands for my clubs upcoming campaign the first lot with the skellies were for a friend who traded me a few bits for them, which wasn't bad for bits I had laying around. 

My warband has an Ogre which is cool and also the only GW model in the two warbands. I used models from all over to do both warbands including Warlord for the Necormancer, Gladiator and the Naked Priest. Gripping beasts, Mantic and even Trent. Again all models I had laying around so i thought they could do with the use. 

So what personal bits am I working on for my own collections. Well I have this assortment of GW models from either 40k or Necromunda, they will all be going towards the gang to be used as various hired guns, personalities or randoms. 

Some Crooked Dice paranormal investigators plus a gribbler, and Queen Victoria with a Gatling gun these are just because models and I want to paint them with no game in mind yet or nothing just for the joy of painting.

Anyway I hope my ramblings haven't bored you too much. 

Thanks for reading.

Happy Painting.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Meridian Miniatures Interdeminsonal Kickstarter- A little review.

Another Kickstarter landed on my door mat a few weeks ago, only really just got around to doing this little review.
It was a very short sharp Kickstarter, low target and some good pledge levels. I went for the complitionist which gave me a tentacle monster thing, two monster hunters, some metal bits which were freebies and two stickers which is cool. 

Opening the box it boded well, the little box was crammed with some full lets hope it was full of goodies.

Some bags full of resin and metal parts.

The resin monster is beautifully cast and comes in a few parts, all of these parts had minimal mould lines and no defects or air bubbles, some topnotch casting.

Male hunter with a big spear gun rocket thingy.

Female hunter with a steamcannon thing and a diving helmet.

5 free spear guns, don't know what to use these for yet,

Some eggs of the beast.

Some spawn from the eggs I'm assuming. These two would make a good set of objective markers. Now on to the models glued together.

The beast glued together and on a base this was dead easy to build and was a joy to put together.

Went together really well and look fantastic, will be a good addition to my VSF collection.

Some metal bits on bases will be used as objective markers.

These have been put on my painting desk and will be getting a lick of paint over the next few weeks.

Anyway thanks for reading.

Happy Painting.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

The last of the Empress USMC

Well here is the last of it all the USMC from the Empress Miniatures Kickstarter which I pledge on which got me around 20 USMC, a few freebies and pack of Navy Seals. 

The USMC will be forming the bulk of my "professional forces" these will be used to represent general army guys who use US weapons. 

This batch did include more command type models, so guys shouting, pointing or using comms equipment. 

Another group shot

Radio guy.

A couple more Spectre Miniatures models did manage to sneak into this bunch it was the turn the Kickstarter Exclusive Deniable Asset and a Merc type character

Deniable Asset.

As always all these models were great to paint and really enjoyable, I'm just now staring at a pile of African militia which need to be painted before the end of the month.

As always thanks for reading and happy painting.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Obligatory New Years Hobby Resolution Post.

Well every blog needs this sort of post so here is mine. The hobby is an all encompassing thing for myself, most of my close friends are involved in it, its how I relax and it has become a shared interest for myself and my SWMBO and if you class my cat picking up a brush in its mouth and it hitting a model leaving a brush mark also my cat.

Its been one hell of a year for me personally, I have been moved in to my own house for the past 6 months where I am lucky enough to have my own hobby room for painting and the like. I have lacked a certain amount of hobby focus switching and flitting between projects like a hobby butterfly.
So for this year there are a number of projects I want to carry on and keep on top of.

  • Modern stuff is a new endeavor for me, I have been doing a fair amount of 28 mm Modern from a number of manufacturers including Empress, Minibits and Spectre. I am going to keep on growing this collection with the addition of some SAS guys, Modern Russians and some more western ex eastern block militia. I would like to make a small table or two for my modern stuff. 
  • SAGA Crescent and Cross, Got a 4 point Crusader starter force for Christmas. So this will be done along with finishing a few last bits for my Vikings.
  • DBX, I want to keep on top of the DBX stuff so as it comes in waves I will attempt to get the waves done. 
  • I want to get at least one of my armies done for Warzone Resurrection it will either be Cybertronic or Bauhaus.
  • I am aiming to do about 6 mini-projects these are painting projects based on a small number of figures and estimate that it would usually take me about a good weekend of painting to get done. 
  • I have also entered a hobby survivor challenge so I pledge at the start of the month and if I don't get the pledge done your kicked off this is running through the year. I plan on being there in a years times with all the awards and maybe a spot prize. I know what I want to paint for the next few months and its going to be some nice varied projects for this.
  • My VSF collection will be getting a boost with a few more models added.
Thats about it for this year there is and addition to this I am on a bit of a hobby cold turkey. I have promised the SWMBO that I would not by any new figures until March 2015. This maybe testing but I think will help me re-evaluate what I buy and finish projects I already have models for.

Sorry it was a bit late but I hope the New Year brings everything you want it life.

Thanks for reading.

Happy Painting

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Hiding in plain sight- My basic Woodland Camo tutorial.

Well this is a bit of a first for The Mountain of Metal. I am doing my first  ever tutorial so please bear with me through out this. We are going to cover what I have been doing a lot of lately and that is woodland camo or a very simplistic and an effective version of it.

I choose to do this tutorial based on a model from my recent Spectre Miniatures Kickstarter and was an exclusive ISA operative. Mainly picked as he looked cool and would let me test recipes for African and Black skin tones.   

Firstly I should point out I spray most of my models with a neutral grey this is a happy medium between black and white for me. On a personal note I find working from grey easier as unlike I find with black the details are more defined because grey allows shadows to fall on it, its properly an optical illusion of some kind but it helps me a great deal. 

Based coated with Loren Green for clothing and German Field Grey for webbing and stowage pouches, after these base coats the whole model is given a was using Nuln Oil Wash. 

On to the Camo, I used these 3 colours, they are very generic, a very dark grey, a mid brown and a khaki colour.  

Its now very simply just add brown wavey lines to the models lighter green clothing while avoiding the webbing and combat gear. These are added in a random pattern.

The khaki is added around, through and over the brown while leaving some of the brown showing. again in a random pattern of the same randomness.

The dark grey is now added in the same manner and that is basically all there is, it won't win any awards with rivet counters but as a basic camo on 28mm models I think it looks good. 

Blue beannie hand and a few more details done, base painted and hes done and dusted ready for the fight as it were. This is the second Sprectre Miniatures I have painted and it was a joy as ever. 

On with the last of my USMC then its a break with some DBX stuff which is going to be a nice break. 

Thanks for reading.

Happy Painting.